Live Coverage of Comet Landing!

Anyone who is even slightly interested in space exploration and all that gooi coolness will be excited by the comet landing event tomorrow! Check out the live feed at


Ten years ago the European Space Agency launched Rosetta, a space probe sent to explore comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Rosetta reached the comet back in August this year and has been escorting the comet in orbit ever since. Tomorrow, Rosetta will release a comet lander to touch down on the icy rock.

*Image courtesy of the European Space Agency.

Did Facebook Kill the Birthday?

B.F. [Before Facebook]

In a pre-facebook world, you may have had a calendar or a Dayrunner – each filled with important events & upcoming birthdays. And when a birthday did pop up you might have picked up the phone or even sent a card.

Simpler is better, right?

Now, in our social media utopia, we get alerts for every friends birthday right on our facebook page. Facebook has made it so easy, in fact, that you don’t even have to click more than one button. Instead of taking 30 seconds to visit each friends page individually, we can simply type in our birthday wish, one after the other, right from our own news feed. Is this really a good thing?

I can hear you protesting already. “But, but, but.. “ you might say, “I wouldn’t have known when my friends birthday was! Or what if I don’t have their phone number? Thanks to Facebook, I am able to send them birthday wishes.”

While this may be true, it also begs the question – if you don’t have their phone number or care enough to put their birthday in a calendar, physical or digital, then are they really that close of a friend? The answer is probably not.

Watered down wishes

Now that we’ve gotten acquaintances out of the way, let’s talk about the people that really matter. The friends and family members that deserve a phone call or a card. With Facebook around, you might just post a quick “Happy birthday!” to their wall & call it good. Or even worse, if you don’t check Facebook that day & miss their birthday completely.

The people that you know & love deserve more than that. They deserve more than the same message that the guy you haven’t spoken two in 8 years received. It is THEIR day & you can devote 10 minutes to sending a card [so it gets there on time] & picking up the phone. Those two simple things that would have been expected 20 years ago are becoming lost on the new generations.

Don’t let Facebook – or our own laziness – kill the birthday.

How MaxMyTV is set to change the way you watch TV

maxmytvheadTV is becoming an increasingly social two-screen experience. Who hasn’t watched a game while following the debate on Twitter or joined in a live-tweeting Sharknado event?

MaxMyTV is a new Kickstarter for a hub that brings social media integration directly to your TV. The hub is not just limited to social media but also brings sophisticated home automation and Android apps to your couch!

What makes MaxMyTV different from other multimedia/social media hubs like the Apple TV, Xbox One and Chromecast is the home automation features it has. When working together with MaxMyTV sensors the hub can:

  • create an automated home security system that will detect movement and send the pictures to you wherever you are
  • alert you to someone at the front-door with a live camera feed
  • monitor your power usage in the house
  • let you know where your pet is and when it’s making a run for the garden
  • secure your house when you’re out and detect when windows and doors are open


Like most stuff on Kickstarter this comes with an app so that you can monitor and control your smart home using your smartphone as well as your TV.

As it’s running on Android you have access to a huge library of apps and MaxMyTV promises to overlay detailed stats over the game so that you can keep up with action as it happens as well as getting your moneyball stat nerdery on.


There is no doubt that MaxMyTV has a lot to live up to, but they seem to be well on their way. Check out the demo videos on the Kickstarter page to see the hub in action.

If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a robot butler that will do your bidding with a suitable degree of robo-british snark then this may just be the next best thing. I’m assuming the Michael Caine voice module will be made available with version 2.0.

8 Really Bad Halloween Costumes

Sometimes bad is good, like Michael Jackson, and sometimes bad is just bad. Which kind of bad do you want to be this Halloween? Choose your halloween costume wisely.

1 Jabba the Hut and Princess Leia

the really impractical costume
There’s no way anyone is walking door to door in either of these costumes. But from a practical standpoint how would this even work at a party? The good thing is that one size fits all.

2 Big Mouth Bass

the annoying nostalgia costume
The early 2000’s called and want their junk back. Remember Billy the Big Mouth Bass? It was charming for about 5 seconds before you quickly gifted it to someone you hated. Good luck with that costume.

3 Baby Mr. T

just… no
Full face masks on toddlers seems like a really bad idea. Maybe I’m just an overprotective father.

4 Bag of Eminems

the I don’t get it costume
My Halloween costume: A bag of Eminems
If you need to explain your costume for it to make sense it’s a bad costume. A lot of the really bad costumes I’ve come across seem to involve some kind of pun.

5 French Kiss

the overthinking it pun costume
Simply going as the iconic KISS from the 80’s wasn’t enough for this group. They had to up the ante. If your costume requires explanation it’s not awesome.

6 Men at Twerk

the you obviously just took put on your work clothes and tried to make it funny costume.
Isn’t it obvious that you simply couldn’t be bothered to think of anything? Sure it’s funny with the sign and the butts, but are you really going to walk around like that the entire time?

7 Ray Rice

the distasteful and misogynistic costume
Halloween Costume
This is just in bad taste, some people might have a nervous laugh, but this is mostly awkward and a little scary, possibly even racist. Don’t do it. Totally ungooi. (this costume is a reference to Ray Rice who allegedly knocked his fiancee unconsious and dragged her around in a casino)

8 Trash Bag Vader

the trash bag says it all
I see your frugal homemade Halloween costume and raise you a homemade serial killer Darth Vader.
Don’t put your kid in a trash bag. Just don’t.

Top 5 Websites You Probably Don’t Know Exist

The internet is full of amazing, weird, and useful websites.

Unfortunately, it can take some time to find the good ones. As creatures of habit, we often stick to the sites we know. Tried & true social media sites, like Facebook & Twitter consume a lot of our time on the internet, along with searching for a trendy new restaurant on Google. So here are 5 websites that you might have missed.


I am absolutely guilty of starting a blog and spending the majority of my time changing the aesthetic features of it – which font I was going to use, the perfect header photo, which red was right – instead of spending time on the import aspect: writing! What Medium calls “a deliberately simple platform”, they have excluded any options of customization. “We get out of the way and let you focus on words.”


Sometimes it’s nice to ignore humans & focus more on dogs. Dogs aren’t judgemental. They don’t have drama. They are just happy & adorable. So why wouldn’t you want an entire social media site devoted solely to man’s best friend? That’s exactly what Pack CEO, Megan Casey, thought. So post photos of your dog, connect with other dogs & dog lovers, and make your internet surfing a whole lot more adorable. “Because dogs are family.”


I cannot explain ThinkGeek any better than they already explained it on their website: “ThinkGeek is obsessed with creating and sharing unique and authentic product experiences that stimulate our fans’ imaginations and fuel their geek core.” You can find everything from Star Trek Communicator Dog Bag Dispenser to “Office Warfare” Marshmallow Shooter.

A Good Movie to Watch

Picture this: You’re sitting on your couch. You flip through the channels: Nothing. Turn on Netflix: No idea. Text your friends: “What movie should I watch?” They are no help. The struggle is real – and here is your solution. A Good Movie to Watch will give you recommendations for what movie you should watch next. And now you can turn your brain off.


This website has hilarious and informative [well, sometimes informative] collection of comics. It can basically brighten even the worst day.

100 Happy Days

While this site is fairly small & basic, the impact it claims it could have on your personal life could be huge. The idea behind 100 Happy Days is a basic challenge: take a photo every day of something that makes you happy. Sounds simple enough, right? Well according to them, 71% of people who have started the challenge failed to complete it. If you do complete the challenge, they can send you a small book of all of your happy moments.