Could Science Explain Your Favorite Songs?

Today’s post was written by Kaci Young, intern at Mygooi.

Remember that song you listened to 50 times a day for a week straight? The one that when it came on the radio, you couldn’t help but immediately break out your embarrassing dance moves or aim for the notes you should’ve left unsung. We’re talking about the songs you still somehow know all the words to years later.

A good song is more than just a catchy jingle and solid lyrics; some argue that science can explain what makes a good tune stick.

According to a CNET study combining science and technology, subjects were recruited to play a game measuring how long it took people to remember the name or chorus of up to 1,000 popular songs dating back several years.

Another study by UpVenue explains that there might be 4 key factors that extremely catchy songs have in common. They contain detailed musical phrases, pitch changes in the chorus, male singers, and songs where male voices were uniquely high in range. Good or bad, we still can’t get those songs out of our heads!

So what do we do with this information? Our very own Agents of goo spent hours researching our top 15 most-annoyingly catchy songs too.

#15 “Blue” –Eiffel 65

No, not the color blue! The one about the guy that lives in a blue world all day and all night, and everything he sees is just blue like him inside and outside. The guy with the blue house, the blue little window, and the blue corvette because he ain’t got nobody to listen to. Remember? Duh.

#14 “Mickey” –Toni Basil

We’re not talking about Mickey Mouse here. We are talking about the one crush you had back in your high school days. Yes, his name was Mickey. You remember because he was oh-so-fine that he blew your mind!

#13 U Can’t Touch This –MC Hammer

The perfect song when you feel on top of the world because of your fresh new kicks. It perfectly describes the unstoppable feeling you get when – and what else can we say but – no one can touch this! He’s been blessed with a mind to rhyme.

#12 “Witch Doctor” –Cartoons

What’s the magic word? No, not abra cadabra or open sesame. It’s ooh eeh ooh ah aah ting tang… walla walla bing bang. So, try that when you’re locked out of your house, casting a spell on your worst enemy, or fighting off a wicked sorcerer.

#11 “Livin’ La Vida Loca” –Ricky Martin

Let’s all follow the girl that’s living the crazy life, because who doesn’t to be admired by Ricky Martin??

#10 “Baby One More Time” –Britney Spears

Fighting with your boyfriend? Going through a breakup with unresolved feelings? Britney says it all for you.

#9 “Beat It” –Michael Jackson

We love this gooi classic! We dare you to try out some of Michael’s sweet moves, and then share with us on Facebook!

#8 “Barbie Girl” -Aqua

That one song you never fully really realized what the lyrics actually meant… Oh well, no one really likes Barbie anyway. Good thing it’s only a phase!

#7 “Macarena” – Los Del Rio

C’mon, you couldn’t forget the dance if you wanted to!

#6 “We Are The Champions” –Queen

What did you win when you sang this? We hope it was a million dollars and that you’re feeling generous.

#5 “YMCA” – Village People

Now that you’re done with the Macarena, keep workin’ it at the YMCA. Move those arms!

#4 “Livin’ On A Prayer –Bon Jovi

PREACH. We all have those moments.

#3 “Eye of The Tiger” –Survivor

We just can’t help our feet from tapping or walking with a little edge in our step when we hear this song.

#2 “Mambo N0. 5” –Lou Bega

We’re not judging, but that’s a lot of women!

#1 “Wannabe” –Spice Girls

Ladies, did you ever have a sleepover where you watched the movie and then danced and sang to this song? For all you men out there, don’t be ashamed if you did too.


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