Frequently asked questions about mygooi and our products are answered here!

1. Where can I apply for a job at mygooi?


Are you talented?

Are you a creative, disruptive, out of the box thinker?

Are you an alien from another planet?

If you’ve answered yes to any of the above, we’d like to know more about you.

Currently available positions are listed here.

If nothing is available shoot us an email at careers@mygooi.com

2. How can my business become a gooi business?

It doesn’t take a magician to make your business gooi; you just might need a little inspiration from www.gooibiz.com.
If you already have a gooi business, we want to hear about it!
Drop us a line at info@mygooi.com

3. What is mygooi?

Basically, we’re the cat’s meow, the biggest present under the tree, the center of a Tootsie Pop, the “X” that marks the spot for the buried treasure.

mygooi is an energetic brand platform that is digital, creative, disruptive and global.

It’s a portfolio of emerging products that sizzle with IC/DC (Innovation and Creativity/Disruption and Community).

Our mission is to provide a solid marketing and technology platform for companies to develop innovative products and services worldwide.

Read more here!

4. I do not own a business can I still be apart of mygooi?

Help us track down the gooiest people, places and things by installing the gooisocial app on your phone.

Join our community online using the #iamgooination hashtag on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram.

You know your talents better than we do, so if you have any ideas or suggestions on how you can be a part of mygooi, email them to info@mygooi.com


5. When is your next event?

Our events like gooikaraoke networking parties have gotten rave reviews.

Join us at our next event by clicking here.

6. Does mygooi do sponsorships?

Yes, we’re all about strengthening communities, so when we feel passionate about something we like to give back! Contact us at info@mygooi.com


7. How do I get a mygooi tshirt?

Our t-shirts have been all around the world; they’re kind of a big deal! Your best bet is to post a really gooi picture on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook with the hashtag #iamgooination.

We frequently contact people (and animals) who post extra gooi pictures!


8. Where can I download the app?

It’s available for download in the App Store and Google Play Store now!
Download gooisocial and you’ll be in on all the fun in a snap!