gooidev Connects with Ghana Via Former NFL Star Eddie George

gooidev, an American software development and marketing company, has launched its M connect program in Ghana

gooidev, an American software development and marketing company, has launched its M connect program in Ghana working closely with the Fever Relief Fund, which in part, provides medical supplies, equipment and information to clinics and hospitals. Former Ohio State and NFL star, Eddie George, has teamed up with the Fever Relief Fund and gooidev (, to help this important cause.

The Fever Relief Fund, established in Ghana, seeks to address eradicating malaria, managing and preventing the spread of HIV, and to reduce child mortality. It inspires and motivates youth to become involved in community activities, including sports, set goals and take responsibility for their own lives and neighborhoods.

Eddie George commented, “By endorsing and supporting the Fever Relief Fund, we’ve seen a tremendous transformation of health initiative and improvement of the quality of life in these rural areas.”

“It’s difficult to put into words just what the support of gooidev and humanitarians such as Eddie George means to the Fever Relief Fund,” Akwasi Oppong, founder of the Fever Relief Fund said. “There is a critical need to provide non-existent opportunities for our youth, while also accomplishing the vital goal of providing medical supplies in Ghana. Simply put, advancing the cause means saving lives.”

In the case of Ghana and other developing countries, gooidev has been aiding a wide range of communities in need of support.

“As we have been able to demonstrate in other markets, gooidev is supporting the critical efforts of the Fever Relief Fund through its SME platform, a grassroots incubation platform for young people whose dreams of entrepreneurship are very real and very attainable,” Paul N. Greenwood, gooidev CEO and chairman, said. “For Ghanaians, this is a Silicon Valley in the Cloud as we help indispensable organizations such as the Fever Relief Fund. The world is open for gooidev business.”

gooidev’s (, international footing will be supported by a strategic marketing and public relations campaign, driven by gooidev’s team of experts. gooidev is co-headquartered in Chennai, India and Des Moines, Iowa.

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