gooidev names Thobith Abraham as Executive V.P.

“Passionate” entrepreneur to support SME businesses, students in India with I Connect platform

CHENNAI, India (May 4, 2016)  gooidev has named Thobith Abraham executive vice president – business development for its I Connect incubation and business platform in India.

“Thobith is a young, energetic and accomplished young man with a passion for helping and starting fertile small and midsized enterprises (SME) and student communities,” says gooidev chairman and CEO Paul N. Greenwood.

“I am excited to join the gooi family and continue to do what I do best,” says Abraham. “I Connect as a platform comes with a novel blend of nurturing business on its own ground with its own folks for the world. It is going to serve the SMEs and Student Community alike. I will be leading the development of International business for I Connect in various parts of Asia and alongside will work with the younger generation to connect it to entrepreneurial opportunities via I Connect.”

A software engineer and team leader, Abraham has founded two tech startups and worked with several others in India and overseas, concentrating on helping organizations scale up their global presences, He began leading and organizing social and business events when he was 13.

“He has an unquenchable enthusiasm and passion for people, product and technology,” says Greenwood.

“I realized the extent of equilibrium that needs to be maintained between society and business to make commerce successful,” says Abraham, who holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Madras. He specializes in software/product development, international strategic alliances, sales and marketing and networking. He is also a motivational speaker and community-building enthusiast.

“We are living in an exciting economic period,” Abraham says. “Historically, we have been through various economic shifts and gained enough experience to deliver to the next generation. Until a few decades back, those experiences and innovations were carried forward by a few daring souls called entrepreneurs. Now, with the engagement of deeply experienced businessmen, who have realized the significance of the younger generation getting started, we are able to see the silicon valley brimming with young and innovative entrepreneurial minds.

“As Paul nicely put it, ‘Why shouldn’t there be a silicon valley every few miles around the globe?’ I see that even a speck of such thought means a uniform growth and opportunity for all of us. So, as a person who started as a leader at an early age, I have very strong experience and belief that getting started with a business means expanding the extent of our mind, which leaves us with a sense of consummated living. I see a great fit with Paul’s vision and his vibrant team.”

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