gooination World Tour Moves to Taiwan, New York City

The gooination Street Team world tour is headed for Taipei to wrap up its current visits in eastern Asia after having a gooi time in Guangzhou, Hong Kong and Tokyo, mygooi says.

 Taipei, Taiwan (PRWEB) June 11, 2014
Sumo wrestlers with mygooi street team

Sumo wrestlers with mygooi street team

The gooination Street Team world tour is headed for Taipei to wrap up its current visits in eastern Asia. They’ve already visited southern China and Tokyo.

A second team is exploring the gooiness of New York City, according to spokespeople for

“gooination is growing in Asia, the United States and Europe, said mygooi chief marketing officer Jon Buscall. “There are so many gooi people and places, and it’s gooi to watch everything the nation is doing on” mygooi is based in Chennai, India, and Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

National event coordinator Hilary David said her team will be in New York until June 14 after a week that has included early morning stops at the Today Show and Good Morning America and time at the Puerto Rican Day Festival. Thursday (June 12), the team is going to the small business expo at Pier 92.

Sebastian Benedikz, who is leading the mygooi street team in Asia, said its plans for Taipei include photo shoots, passing out t-shirts and getting to know the people from the top of Taipei 101, formerly the tallest building in the world with 101 floors above ground and five below; at a famous Taipei night market and at Chiang Kai-shek Memorial Hall, a common venue for street performers.

The team will be in Taipei June 19 through June 22 and Benedikz said the team is planning to be at the night market on Friday and at the Hall Saturday morning, times when both should be busy.

“Tokyo, Hong Kong and Guangzhou are all very gooi,” noted Benedikz. “In Tokyo, we visited places slightly off the beaten track – the early morning Tsukiji fish market and an early morning sumo training session (asageiko). The sumos were very gooi and accommodating. In the fish market, we met various fishermen, fishmongers and traders. The market is a mass of chaotic activity, but everyone took time out of their day to pose for photos and ask questions about mygooi.

“Guangzhou was crazy – the most chaotic of the cities we’ve visited, but also a very dynamic city. But we also met lots of people relaxing in Guangzhou Yuexiu Park, playing cards, boating and exercising. We made our way through street markets serving scorpion and freshly skinned snake.

“Hong Kong was great. We travelled out to Harbour City, the city’s largest mall, by boat and walked around talking to tourists and locals. Our two models Elina and Alex helped some local school kids by letting them interview them in English for a school project.”

Says mygooi CEO Paul N. Greenwood, “Our goal is to get people involved and gooi. The tour is ‘disruptive’ networking at its best, taking them in new and unexpected directions.”

Hashtags include #gooination, #gooilondon, #gooiCH and #gooiHK.

mygooi is a technology brand with headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa, and Chennai, India. The tour highlights the upcoming world debut of the mygooi mobile device platform.


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