mygooi adds Indo-Jazz fusion to gooimusic playlist

Professor Mohan Narayanan named chair of channel’s advisory board

DES MOINES, Iowa June 19, 2015

gooimusic, mygooi’s disruptive and creative YouTube music channel ( has added tracks by Indian composer and music scholar Mohan Narayanan to its playlist, said gooimusic creative director Jared Freiburg.

The works, played by Narayanan, violinist Athira Krishna and pianist Amba Punjabi, combine traditional south Indian classical music with western Jazz and classical rhythms.

Narayanan, 79, will chair gooimusic’s advisory board, noted mygooi CEO Paul N. Greenwood. gooimusic is a subsidiary of gooi LLC.

“Mohan is well known in India for his fusion compositions, and movie and theater scores,” said Freiburg. “The scores draw on Indian tradition and Western themes – from Bach and Mozart to Jazz. And while he and his students have brought cross-over music to Germany, Austria, the U.S. and Canada, he has not received the international recognition his talent and accomplishments deserve. We’re looking to bring broader attention to his works through gooimusic.”

Narayanan’s works on gooimusic includes links to several short movies he has scored.

“The reach of your site…beyond imagination,” wrote Narayanan after his first video was posted on gooimusic. “It is not even four hours and the video has already 300 likes, means about x2 = 600 viewers. This is simply fantastic!”

In addition to being a composer and teacher, Narayahannis a technologist, writer of plays and novels, management consultant and professor for management studies. He founded Chennai, India – based Bhagyanjali Global Media (, which produces Tamil films.

Narayanan connected with world music during 10 years in Germany as a project manager and engineer with Siemens, working on the technology of music-harmonics, frequencies and chords. He has traveled widely (he’s currently on passport number 20) for Siemens Germany and the TVS Group India. When seeing films in countries including Poland and Bulgaria, while he didn’t know the language, he saw how music was being used. “I also collected music wherever I went,” he said.

Music has become a hobby that produced a sound lab that includes an archive of music, equipment and books, which he readily shares with interested students. It includes stacks of Andean folk music, Hebrew melodies, Irish chants, American Indian spiritual songs, Gregorian chants, music of Iran, Peru, China, Jazz, Classical, Indian; the list goes on. “You take any world music, any sound, I have it,” he says.

Composing “just for the hell of it,” he wonders how a raaga (a mode in classical Indian music) sounds with a piano? What Western chords support Carnatic (the classical style of Southern India) music? Where does harmony fit in Indian music? His answers to these questions are there to be heard.

Narayanan says he resents music being “over commercialized” or “monetized”. “Of course, money is important.,” he adds, “but there are some important things in life like religion, sharing knowledge, music, helping others etc. which should not be used just for the sake of making money.”

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