mygooi Debuting Video for World Smile Day

gooismiles connecting gooination, starting with Japan and India

We see World Smile Day as a springboard for people around the world to share positive messages and friendship.

DES MOINES, Iowa (PRWEB) October 01, 2014

mygooi said it is introducing a new video encouraging people all over the world to connect using smiles. The video, supports World Smile Day, Friday (Oct. 3).

“A gooismile is a global smile and a #gooismile is the biggest smile,” says mygooi president and founder Jay Namboor.

The company, based in Des Moines, Stockholm, Sweden, and Chennai, India, invites members of gooination to share their most joyful smiles with the rest of the world. “We’d like to start with smiles from Japanese fans of India’s superstar actor Rajinikanth to his followers in India and smiles from his Indian fans to the Japanese fan club,” says Namboor. Mygooi representatives in Japan are organizing an event to screen the trailer for Rajanikanth’s latest film for his fans there and to collect their smiles.

mygooi’s video shares smiles in Des Moines, encouraging people to offer up their greatest grins for World Smile Day and beyond. It is on Youtube:

gooiambassador Alex Benedikz, who spearheaded Des Moines smile collecting, said, “It was great to get out and pass some smiles along.” Benedikz, from JontusMedia in Stockholm, is in Des Moines interning at mygooi, helping to share and build international friendships.

With its strong focus on community and well-being, mygooi sees World Smile Day as a springboard for people around the world to share positive messages and friendship.

“mygooi is not just an innovative tech company,” says chief marketing officer Jon Buscall. “We’re global citizens with staff based in the US, Sweden, India, Japan and the UK. We share smiles across the world on a daily basis and we want to encourage others to do so through social media – the easiest and quickest way to communicate among people everywhere.”

In addition to putting the video out on its social media channels, mygooi is launching a free webservice,, which makes it easy to send smiles around the world not just on Friday, but everyday.

“Together, let’s make the world a happier, friendlier place,” said Namboor. “Let’s share a smile and send some positivity around the world in photos, videos and messages for friends everywhere.”

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