mygooi supports Compassion Charitable Trust

mygooi supports Compassion Charitable Trust

DES MOINES, Iowa (Sept. 21, 2015) Compassion Charitable Trust, a not-for-profit organization based in Theni, Tamil Nadu, India, offers much needed services to individuals severely in need of support, said Paul N. Greenwood, CEO of Des Moines-based He announced that mygooi is donating technical and communications support to the charity.

“The Trust is doing great work in Theni for a range of people in dire straits,” Greenwood said. “mygooi is looking forward to helping its cause.” (

According to the Trust, it “aims at treating and offering a hospitable environment, food and care to mentally retarded or underdeveloped individuals, individuals prone to accidents and old agers who are abandoned by their families, unable to tend to their needs on their own and roaming aimlessly in the streets. We provide them with ample medical aid from the Government Medical college Hospital and help in their rehabilitation.”

A key supporter of the Trust, Sredhanea Ramkrishnan, who brought the organization to mygooi’s attention, said, “We were all born human , but how many of us live as one?

“I found living examples of fine humanity in those who run Compassion Charitable Trust. In an age when individuals feel burdened to render care to their old and sick parents, this couple has dedicated its lives to take care of almost 50 mentally deranged and physically unfit citizens of all ages who are abandoned by their families.

“When you first set eyes on another human being , what do you notice? The color of their eyes, skin, the brand of clothes they are wearing, the height of their heel, their tone? But these 50 people (at the Trust’s poor Lazarus Rehabilitation Centre) do not care for any such thing. All that is visible to them when they look at you is your heart and the love you are capable of giving them. I am more than happy to be playing a part in the lives of such amiable souls and to be associated with this Compassion Charitable Trust.”

The Trust ( was established in 2011 with single minded dedication to provide help for the helpless in the form of food, healthcare and shelter, among other support services.

Referring to seniors among its care population, the Trust notes, “We aim to aid the elderly who have been deserted by their families. We are here to show that seniors, too, have their right to live with dignity. Gone are the days when the first thing that fades after 60 is dignity — even before the eye sight fades. To make them feel valued, we are on a mission to extend shoulders to those who carried the rhythm of hope for generations.”

mygooi is providing Compassion Charitable Trust with web and social media pages, building video and digital conduits to people around the world interested in helping the helpless.

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mygooi supports Compassion Charitable Trust ( and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation (

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