gooidevelopment is a global team of digital specialists for app and web development able to work with both Android and iOS platforms.

Using Agile working praxis, gooidevelopment's teams in India, Japan, Sweden, Spain, and the United States help companies roll out mobile products.

mygooi has the global resources and expertise to meet the mobile and web development needs of the small to midsize business sector.

We seamlessly manage development for businesses that want to outsource this part of their operations. Our expertise expedites results.

Agile Development

Agile development methods are based on client and developer teamwork and collaboration, as well as on process adaptability throughout the lifecycle of a project. An Agile approach breaks tasks into increments within short time frames. In general, the process involves cross-functional teams working on planning, analyzing requirements, design, coding and testing.

We have project managers and business analysts based in the United States who define the specifications for apps. They turn them over to our highly skilled development team of more than 100 programmers in India and their wealth of adaptable modules. Experts in Sweden draw on their marketing and design experience with apps to evaluate and refine the product.

Having operations in North America, Europe and Asia means there’s no down time; the sun is always shining. Using team members around the world gives us great flexibility to serve customer needs. This coverage within an agile development process maximizes efficiency and cost effectiveness, minimizing turnaround time for project iterations. It also allows competitive pricing.

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