gooisafety is a custom mobile application suite for workplace safety. Workplace accidents happen and our custom apps save time and cut costs.
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No matter how much training and how many safeguards your business has in place, it’s not possible to prevent everything that can go wrong. When there’s an accident, there’s disruption, partly due to meeting federal and state government regulations. Reporting distracts from your normal operations, whether your safety program is automated and well defined or in binders and cumbersome.

gooidevelopment has designed this customized mobile application to fit the unique needs of your business.

This suite of apps allow you to populate all the required documents at once, saving you time and money. These apps allow you to access and process your safety reports from anywhere, faster and easier than ever before, eliminating the need to wade through single-form apps designed by OSHA and other government agencies.
We help you implement anything from injury investigation reports to your entire safety program, all accessible through your mobile devices.

How gooisafety works?

  • EmergencyProtocol_graphic

    Emergency Protocol:

    Have all the procedures, phone numbers, addresses of medical treatment facilities in one place. This is extremely important for response time or for companies that have workers in the field.
    Weather Warnings: Bad weather, such as tornadoes, severe thunder, ice and snow storms can play a huge role in the safety of your workers. Get warnings in advance, especially to those in the field.

  • SafetyCommunications_graphics

    Safety Communication:

    Get your messaging out fast. This could include announcements, company news, near misses and recognizing top performers.

  • InjuryReports&Accidents_graphic

    Injury Reports/Accident Investigations:

    Access all the forms you need in a treatment facility or the field, including First Report of Injury, Accident Investigation, Witness Statements, Medical Treatment Request, Notice of Modified Duty, Release of Medical Information, Accident Injury Checklist.

  • OSHA_graphic


    Can include forms such as the 300 log, rules and regulations that apply to your business and the OSHA 10-Hour training. Easily locate and access what you need from anywhere.

  • SafetyRulesHandbook_graphic

    Safety Rules/Handbook:

    Always at employee’s fingertips. Easy to update. Can include sign-off signature page to confirm receipt of changes.
    Safety Committee: Record safety minutes and communicate safety-related topics to management and employees.

  • SafetyAudits&Evals_graphic

    Safety Audits and Evaluations:

    Hourly, daily, weekly, monthly audits and evaluations can be programmed, assigned and completed.
    Material Data Safety Sheets: Easily updated and user friendly, readily find information on the spot. Helps those in the field and could be the difference between having a loss time injury or a no loss time injury.

  • SafetyPolicy&Procedures_graphic

    Safety Policy and Procedures:

    Covers company safety policies, including your Top Ten safety incident trends linked through the injury reports and including such procedures as lock out-tag out.