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gooisocial is a mobile social app that highlights businesses, places, people and things that are one-of-a-kind. Something gooi is not something you like; it’s something you or your trusted buddies in the gooiverse Love.


Definition of gooi

Definition of gooi

  • gooisocial-screenshots-08gooisocial is the best way to tell your buddies about people, places or things you love.
  • gooisocialShare your recommendations straight from your iPhone.
  • gooisocialPost photos, comments and links to businesses and locations.
  • gooisocialCreate a “gooi” of
    people you trust.
  • gooisocialEasily discover what the buddies in your Gooi really love.
  • gooisocialShare posts to other
    social networks.
  • gooisocialLogin with diferent accounts.
  • gooisocialFind support on the WebApp site
  • gooisocialFind the goo!!