Same Job, New Goals

Resolutions: either you make them or you hate them.

Whether you plan to set resolutions personally or not is your choice, but we’re betting your boss and coworkers wouldn’t mind helping you reach new goals in the office if it’ll make you a better asset.

According to, the four main types of resolutions people make have to do with self-improvement, weight, money, and relationships.

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In the spirit of the new year, mygooi agents compiled a list of our own resolutions.


As a whole, mygooi will continue to make innovation, creativity, disruption and community its top priority.


Be Effective

In most cases, you were chosen over other qualified potential employees for your role. You once showed great promise and your superiors expect you to deliver. Let your team know what they can expect from you and then make good on those promises. If frequent breaks make you a more effective employee, take them, but then work your butt off when you’re on the clock.

Be Balanced

mygooi agents are more than a team; we’re a family. We see each other daily, collaborate on most projects, share similar frustrations and celebrate each other’s wins. This makes for an excellent work environment, but poses the danger of poor work/life separation. Be careful not to bring personal baggage into the workplace and vise versa.

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Be Diligent

Don’t overlook the importance of small tasks; they train you to perform better on bigger projects. No job is too small if it helps the company.

Be Generous

Whatever this means for your company’s particular philanthropic interests will work just fine. Our recommendations include bringing office treats at least once a month, or collecting change for organizations we support.

Be the Best

Don’t be a yes man or no man, but be the best man for the job. Always keep in mind how your specific role helps to advance the company’s goals.

Be Kind

Gossip is gross. Be concerned with your reputation and how gossip can destroy working relationships.

Be Life-Long Learners

Remember you do not know everything, and there is a lot yet to learn even when it comes to your daily responsibilities. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice or yes, even study YouTube tutorials on how to perform tasks to the best of your abilities. Another helpful hint: read the news. Not only will you gain invaluable knowledge about the society you live in, but you’ll have better conversation topics with the awkward guy in the elevator.

Be Inspired

Recognize what inspires you and always keep it close. Be it a quote wall, photos, artwork, or elephant figurines from our travels, gooi agents have inspiration easily accessible.


Be Humble, Be Proud

Proud of the way you carry yourself, proud of your work, yet humble in your approach with coworkers, superiors and clients.

Be Purposeful

Discover why you’re working, whether it’s to advance your career, because you love what you do, or simply for the paycheck or vacation days, recognize what drives you and then work your butt off for that purpose.

We guarantee you will experience days this year where you love your job, and days you question if you’re in the right place. Setting a few of these basic goals is the first step to creating a better environment – after all, it is where you spend most of your time. Write them out and post them around the office as a reminder to you and others of a promise to make 2015 count.

Happy New Year friends.

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