gooidev Executive Conducts Business Analyst Workshop in Oman

Ibri College invites Jay Namboor to lead session for business technology students

IBRI, Sultanate of Oman (Dec. 3, 2015) Ibri College of Technology invited Jay Namboor, chief product officer of USA-based gooidev, to conduct a business analysis workshop and training session for its business technology students, said Junath Naseer Ahamed, coordinator of the Industry Link Committee in the College’s Department of Information Technology.

Junath said the program, “Business Analyst Resource Development,” focused on what a business analyst is and how to become one.

Namboor said business analysts gather, document and communicate a business’ requirements in clear, detailed user stories. gooidev’s IT business analysts work with its application development teams and business units to ensure IT solutions are developed and implemented to satisfy those requirements for clients.

Namboor noted “the college is excellent, the students are very interested, and the session was a learning experience for me as well.

“Junath and his colleagues — Prabu Arockiyaraj Ratnasabapathi, the head of the IT section, and Ibrahim Nasser Al Siyabi, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs – enthusiastically encouraged us to share our opportunities with their students.”

Namboor is on extended assignment in the region in response to a significant uptick in gooidev’s business opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa. He is providing client support as well as recruiting and training local talent for the app and web development company’s international team of specialists. “Ibri’s students fit with our requirements for new hires and interns in MENA,” he said.

Namboor built his foundation as a business analyst solving complex technology issues for Fortune 500 companies in manufacturing, financial services and digital media. He is based in gooidev’s headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

Ibri ( is one of seven colleges of technology operated under Oman’s Ministry of Manpower and directed by the Directorate General of Technological Education. It has departments of engineering, business and information technology and specialties in mechanics, electronics, human resources, marketing, finance, database, networking, internet and e-security and software engineering.

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Prabu Arockiyaraj Ratnasabapathi (left), the head of IT Section, and Dr. Abdullah al Maskari, Dean, of the Ibri College of Technology  (center) present gooidev’s Jay Namboor with a certificate of appreciation for his workshop on business analysts.


6 Tips to Get the Most Out of College

Calling all gooi college students!

Calling all gooi college students!

College is a time of growth and figuring things out on your own, but with the vast number of resources out there, turns out you’re not on your own after all!

So here at Gooi HQ we did a quick Q&A around the office and came up with some great tips to help you on your new adventure.

1. Should you do an internship?

Yes. Definitely. And if possible the more the merrier. In business you need experience and although you’ll learn lots of things in college and university, nothing beats getting out into the world of work. An internship is a great way of experiencing firsthand what it’s like in the game of life (or the game of gilli-danda).

2. Is studying abroad worth the money?

Definitely! There’s no such thing as understanding the world you live in. Travel as much as you can. Spend days, weeks and months outside your comfort zone experiencing other cultures. You might end up in debt, but it’s really a small price to pay compared to the growth, knowledge, and experience you’ll gain from being immersed in an unfamiliar place.

3. How do I balance my commitments?

It’s important to separate work from leisure, but this doesn’t mean showing up to class whenever you feel like it. Take your studies seriously, but don’t forget to have fun too. Studies show that students who do plenty of an extracurricular activities do really well. Competitive swimmers in particular do very well.

4. Don’t be in a rush to graduate and join the “real world.”

After graduation, before you know it, you’ll be drowning in even more bills than you have to pay now. But if you ask any recent grad about the “real world,” they won’t tell you life is like an endless run of a MTV reality show from ’92: you’re more likely get an earful about long hours, living in the office or even being so broke you have to move back into their parents’ basement.

5. Some things are worth saving.

Think twice before you toss that old syllabus in the trash. When it’s time to update your resume or portfolio, refer back to previous project requirements; your professor has already given you all the tools you need to tell future employers what you did on project XYZ.

6. If the last time you visited the library was on your campus tour, you’re missing out.

Libraries are great places to hide out from noisy roommates, avoid the powers of Netflix, and possibly even score some free coffee. Bonus tip: if you react quickly enough, the library may even have your next semester’s textbooks available to check out!