gooimusic features Yut and the Hot Four | Young and Beautiful cover

We’ve been big fans of Yut and the Hot Four since we first met in New York last year. That’s why we couldn’t help but post their fabulous cover of Lana Del Ray’s Young and Beautiful. It only takes 5 seconds of listening to Yut Chia on the violin to see why he has our gooi stamp of approval.

19 Million Dollar Smiles

World Smile Day coming up on Friday, we’ve compiled our 19 favorite celebrity smiles for you to enjoy. Do you agree with our choices? Comment below with your favorite celebrity smile.

  1. Orlando Bloom

    This guy makes the top of our list with or without his elf ears.

  2. Angelina Jolie

    This actress might kick butt on-screen, but when the cameras aren’t rolling she’s a sweetheart with an equally sweet smile.

  3. Usher

    If his moves haven’t already won you over, his stunning smile will!

  4. Drew Barrymore

    Melting hearts since the age of 6, Drew’s gorgeous smile landed her as an Easy, Breezy, Beautiful COVERGIRL for the popular makeup brand.

  5. James Franco

    What’s not to love about James Franco’s gooi grin?

  6. Lupita Nyong’o

    Lupita’s radiance lights up even the darkest movie theatres.

  7. Ryan Gosling

    The world isn’t ready for a full-fledged Ryan Gosling smile; but his smirk has been making knees weak since 1980.

  8. Betty White

    Her pearly whites, along with her unexpected satirical remarks, put this hilarious actress towards the top of our list!

  9. Mario Lopez

    Bells went off in our heads as soon as we started thinking about celebs with great dimples.

  10. Blake Lively

    We XOXO Blake’s beautiful smile.

  11. Will Smith

    Will is always looking fresh with his over-the-top goofy grin.

  12. Anne Hathaway

    Humility, talent and a gorgeous smile all in one woman? What more could you want!

  13. Dennis Quaid

    Dennis Quaid has been breaking hearts with his half-smile and withering-stare for years.

  14. Ellen Degeneres

    Ellen’s genuine smile, paired with her tongue-in-cheek remarks, are a dangerously gooi combination (and let’s not forget about her killer dance moves!)

  15. Leonardo DiCaprio

    We have this sinking feeling that our hearts wouldn’t go on (and on) without Leo in our lives.

  16. Jennifer Lawrence

    We don’t know what we love more – when JLaw cracks a smile or a joke!

  17. Joseph Gordon-Levitt

    This gooi guy has been making headlines a lot lately and we don’t mind seeing his face come across our screens one bit!

  18. Michelle Obama

    We adore this passionate, relatable super-mom and her stunning smile!

  19. Patrick Dempsey

    As far as we’re concerned, we consider him McDreamy on and off the screen.