The New Standard of Hotels

Making travel arrangements online is both convenient and a nightmare. In recent years, hotels have taken to social media to show off what makes them unique.

Many guests flock to the oceanfront rooms and gorgeous sunset views. Others rely on having top notch restaurants to bring in the bacon, like our featured hotel below.

If that’s not enough to sell a room, hotel chains like The Standard create an entirely unique (and somewhat scandalous) culture for their guests.

Thompson Hotels understand that the way to a guest’s heart is through their stomachs. According to its website, Thompson reflects the locales in the culinary realm, as well—with fresh, locally-sourced talents, select house-made ingredients and local artisinal finds.

This Is Your Brain On Pizza

Pizzerias represent 17% of all restaurants throughout the world, but one Philadelphia shop stands out a slice above the rest.

According to its website, Pizza Brain is a pizzeria with the world’s largest pizza museum attached. Why would anyone want to visit a pizza museum?

Because that museum hosts the world’s largest collection of pizza memorabilia, and we feel like that’s the one place everyone in the world could just finally get along.

The “Big Dumb Ice Cream Stand”

One look at Travel Channel’s Instagram feed will have you planning your next vacation. But among the dreamy photos, this small non-dairy ice cream shack caught our eye.

Upon closer review, it turns out this shack is actually quite famous in Maui, and undeniably gooi.

When you Google search them, you learn their tagline is “Coconut Glen’s Big Dumb Ice Cream Stand,” and we’ll admit right now they’ve cracked the code on gooi marketing.


One look at their website gives you a complete snapshot of the shop’s personality. All the text rhymes, the photos are adorable, and its customer reviews are outstanding. Take a look for yourself!

Can You Foodstagram Like This?

This week’s “Someone You Should Follow” Instagrammer is the talented Ida Skivenes. We love her gooi elephant food-art pictured below!

The Elephant on the Plate (for @foreldreogbarn magazine) #waffle #yoghurt #strawberries #foodart #breakfast

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