8 Really Bad Halloween Costumes

Sometimes bad is good, like Michael Jackson, and sometimes bad is just bad. Which kind of bad do you want to be this Halloween? Choose your halloween costume wisely.

1 Jabba the Hut and Princess Leia

the really impractical costume

There’s no way anyone is walking door to door in either of these costumes. But from a practical standpoint how would this even work at a party? The good thing is that one size fits all.

2 Big Mouth Bass

the annoying nostalgia costume

The early 2000’s called and want their junk back. Remember Billy the Big Mouth Bass? It was charming for about 5 seconds before you quickly gifted it to someone you hated. Good luck with that costume.

3 Baby Mr. T

just… no

Full face masks on toddlers seems like a really bad idea. Maybe I’m just an overprotective father.

4 Bag of Eminems

the I don’t get it costume
My Halloween costume: A bag of Eminems
If you need to explain your costume for it to make sense it’s a bad costume. A lot of the really bad costumes I’ve come across seem to involve some kind of pun.

5 French Kiss

the overthinking it pun costume

Simply going as the iconic KISS from the 80’s wasn’t enough for this group. They had to up the ante. If your costume requires explanation it’s not awesome.

6 Men at Twerk

the you obviously just took put on your work clothes and tried to make it funny costume.

Isn’t it obvious that you simply couldn’t be bothered to think of anything? Sure it’s funny with the sign and the butts, but are you really going to walk around like that the entire time?

7 Ray Rice

the distasteful and misogynistic costume
Halloween Costume
This is just in bad taste, some people might have a nervous laugh, but this is mostly awkward and a little scary, possibly even racist. Don’t do it. Totally ungooi. (this costume is a reference to Ray Rice who allegedly knocked his fiancee unconsious and dragged her around in a casino)

8 Trash Bag Vader

the trash bag says it all
I see your frugal homemade Halloween costume and raise you a homemade serial killer Darth Vader.
Don’t put your kid in a trash bag. Just don’t.

3 Insane Japanese Shows that will make you Smile

As it’s #WorldSmileDay we thought we would share another sample of the insanity that is Japanese television. Last time we brought you girls in kimonos racing komodo dragons, fake explosions and a guy in a crocodile suit harassing real crocodiles. Today it’s a man in a tiger mask bungeeing into rooms to scare celebrities, ghosts appearing in elevators and 5 comedians dishing out unbelievable punishment to each other in a library. Check it out and don’t forget to share a #gooismile!

  • Silent library

    This one is a classic. The TV show Gaki no Tsukai is an institution in Japan and their 6 hour New Year specials draw massive ratings every year but this is a segment from about a decade ago. In Silent Library the five comedians and sixth member draw cards, the one who gets the skull and crossbones receives the punishment. As they are in a ‘library’ they have to keep their voices down and cannot scream under any circumstances.

  • Ghost in the Elevator Prank

    The title says it all really. Comedians, actors and singers are put in an elevator. The power goes and the elevator goes pitch black. You really need to see what happens next.

  • Comedian in Tiger Mask Pranks a Tiger

    Continuing with our humans pranking animal theme from last time, this time comedian Degawa Tetsuro dons the mask of legendary Japanese wrestler Tiger Mask and is then dropped unceremoniously through a roof to surprise other celebrities. Sometimes however the tables are turned and pranker becomes the prankee by being dropped in a tub of very hot water or in a room with a real tiger.

Enjoy! Have a gooi weekend!

Do This One Thing to be Successful

I’m sorry for the linkbaity headline, but it plays so nicely into this really well produced video ad for GE’s Link lightbulbs. This is the best ad I’ve seen in a long while.

I really love Jeff Goldblum but I hate the evening routine of walking around my home shutting everything down. The combination of solving one problem while scratching my Golblum itch gets me quite excited.

I really wish I had a master switch somewhere, so I’ll definetly look into whatever system GE Link is part of.

This Prank Will Blow You Away

prankBrian Swichkow pranked his roommate in one of the most elaborate and tech savvy ways I’ve ever heard of. The full post explaining everything in his own words can be found here: http://mysocialsherpa.com/the-ultimate-retaliation-pranking-my-roommate-with-targeted-facebook-ads/

The Back Story

The story begins when Brian finds a new roommate from Craigslist. They hit it off and become such good friends that the roommate plays a practical joke on Brian. All Brian alludes to is how the roommate tricked him into believing something that wasn’t true…and all of Brian’s friends knew about it, for more than two weeks.

What’s a guy to do? Publicly vow revenge, of course.

What happens next is nothing short of amazing.

An Audience of One

Brian had been playing around with Facebook’s custom Audience targeting tools and had wondered how small of an audience he could target. He decided that an audience of one would be perfect for his prank. His roommate never knew what was coming.

So Brian simply uploaded the email address his roommate used for his Facebook profile to the Audience tool and instantly created a Custom Audience of one. Read Brian’s post to find out about different ways to get a hold of people’s Facebook User ID to use in extremely targeted campaigns.

Seeding Paranoia

Brian decided to target his roommate with ads that were so specific about his personal life that he would get a serious case of paranoia. He hid his identity by using sidebar ads, and simply placed random links in the ads.

Sword Swallowing Pill Gagger

Brian’s roommate is a professional sword swallower that ironically has trouble swallowing pills.

So he made an ad targeted to sword swallowers that have trouble swallowing pills. The roommate understandably freaked out when he saw it and mentioned it to Brian.

Brian’s response was to up the ante with a series of equally bizarre campaigns.

The Big Reveal

Eventually Brian went too far, using an ad that was too specific; his roommate guessed and accused him of being behind it all.

Brian denied the allegations and stopped the ads. For a while, he forgot them.

Then Edward Snowden made his big announcement. At this point his roommate started showing serious signs of paranoia and refused to discuss anything over the phone.

For the big reveal you really should read Brian’s own post.

Brian ends up making an ad where he fesses up. His roommate is shocked and impressed but seems to take the whole thing very well.

3 Crazy Japanese TV Shows That Need an English Remake

japaneseJapanese TV is gooi in a very insane way. For a nation of polite and unassuming people they make some of the weirdest and most awesome shows on TV. Here is a list of three TV shows that need to be remade in the US.

  1. Female Japanese Comedian Outruns Komodo Dragon

    This show is ostensibly a travel show, but one of their most popular segments involved sending a Japanese comedian to all four corners of the earth to outrun dangerous animals.

  2. Japanese Firework Prank

    In this show a comedian was given the job to set up a massive firework show. What he didn’t know was as he watched the display from the safety of his control shed, the feed from the monitor was switched with a CGI animation of the firework crashing through the roof of the shed. Hilarity ensues.

  3. Japanese Comedian Pranks Some Crocodiles

    This show makes Jackass look like a bunch of sissies. A comedian dressed as a crocodile goes into a crocodile enclosure and starts pranking a bunch of crocodiles.

Enjoy the videos and do not search “Japanese Prank” in Youtube, you will emerge from that rabbit hole bleary-eyed several hours later.

Have a great weekend!