Ice Ice Baby

As winter in the U.S. is hopefully coming to an end, gooi agents look forward to the dry ground and warmer temps. But the beauty in this video has us rethinking how we view all that ice outside.

The “Big Dumb Ice Cream Stand”

One look at Travel Channel’s Instagram feed will have you planning your next vacation. But among the dreamy photos, this small non-dairy ice cream shack caught our eye.

Upon closer review, it turns out this shack is actually quite famous in Maui, and undeniably gooi.

When you Google search them, you learn their tagline is “Coconut Glen’s Big Dumb Ice Cream Stand,” and we’ll admit right now they’ve cracked the code on gooi marketing.


One look at their website gives you a complete snapshot of the shop’s personality. All the text rhymes, the photos are adorable, and its customer reviews are outstanding. Take a look for yourself!

Because It’s Monday…

Here’s some virtual coffee to put some gooi pep in your step.

Fun fact: New Yorkers drink almost 7 times more coffee than other cities in the US. Click here for more strange facts about the most important beverage in the world.

Check out Noah Kalina’s work on Instagram.

Visit Deutschland Without Leaving the Office

Our favorite Dutch Instagrammer @Croyable is definitely someone you should follow!

Had a much needed break from the computer, decided to finally visit this place in #kinderdijk.

eelco roos(@croyable)发的照片 ·

Can You Foodstagram Like This?

This week’s “Someone You Should Follow” Instagrammer is the talented Ida Skivenes. We love her gooi elephant food-art pictured below!

The Elephant on the Plate (for @foreldreogbarn magazine) #waffle #yoghurt #strawberries #foodart #breakfast

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You Wish Your Instagram Was This Cool

Are you up on the current Instagram statistics?

200 Million Monthly Active Users
20 Billion Photos Shared in total
1.6 Billion Likes and 60 Million Photos shared every day

Worldwide, Instagram is being embraced by users, brands, and popular talented users who are hired by brands to promote their products. Check out one of our favorite Instagrammers below!

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