iPhone Black Market Bonanza Video

Has the iPhone launch day hysteria gotten out of control? This video makes it seem like it’s all about black market hawking and desperate people.

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Casey Neistat is a big tech nerd who slept outside at the launch of the original iPhone. With the subsequent launches he’s noticed an increasing number of non-fanboys waiting in line for iPhones on launch day. Here is a short video he made that documents this side of the iPhone launch day lines.

Cheat Sheet for the Apple Keynote!


If you were one of the many people unable to watch the live streaming of the Apple Keynote, or if you were so frustrated with the video quality that you gave up on it entirely, fear not.

We have your cheat sheet right here.

With the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook, hailing the new products as “the biggest advancement in iPhone history” you should definitely be excited!

The long awaited iPhone 6 was finally revealed, and with it, the iPhone 6 Plus.

The iPhone 6, while the smaller of the two new phones, will boast a larger screen than that of the 4 inch iPhone 5 at 4.7 inches. It will also be quite a bit thinner at just 6.9mm. With the new A8 chip, the iPhone 6 will run up to 25% faster than its predecessors.

The Look

The new look of both models is sleeker, featuring rounded corners, and will come in the same colors as the previous model: space grey, gold & silver. Fans may be disappointed to learn that Apple did not bring on the sapphire glass to the iPhone 6, but will instead feature “ion strengthened glass”. Thankfully, it will be more scratch resistant than previous models.

The iPhone 6 Plus will be the largest iPhone to date with a screen size of 5.5 inches, and a display of over 2 million pixels, that’s 185% more than the iPhone 5s.

Software Updates

With news phones, comes a new operating system. As expected, the all new iOS8 will come with an abundance of new features. Users will be able to share video, voice & location to any message, and be able to mute and leave group messages, a feature that was highly requested the past few years. Family Sharing will allow you and up to five members in your family share purchases, a family calendar, family photo album, and approve your child’s spending.

Bigger Screen Means Better Apps

Apple has taken advantage of the larger screen by redesigning apps for landscape mode. Mail will now look more like it does on your MacBook, displaying your inbox and messages in a single view. Unlike a lot of the competition, a higher megapixel camera was not a priority, though both cameras will focus twice as fast as the iPhone 5s camera. Both iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus will be offered in 16GB, 64GB, & 128GB models.

Improved Productivity and Connectivity

Apple has also made it easier to connect to all of your Apple devices with Continuity, allowing you to answer calls, send text messages, and pick up where you left off on any of your devices. You will also have the Health app which connects to your new Apple Watch which we’ve already covered here and Passbook to utilize Apple Pay which we’ve also written about here.

Available this week!

With the new phone already available for pre-order, and shipping this Friday!, you won’t have to wait long to get your hands on the newest Apple tech.

Top 5 iOs apps September 2014

tumblr_mvyx8txG0p1st5lhmo1_1280Hello agents of goo!

There have been some exciting app launches on the iTunes App Store this month. What are the 5 gooiest apps? Read on to find out

1. Hyperlapse from Instagram (Free)

The new app from Instagram lets you take time lapse photos with your cell phone. Their new stabilization technology let’s you capture the passage of time with dramatic results.

2. Sidechef (Free)

Have you ever tried following a recipe on your iPhone or iPad? It is a massive pain and generally results in a flour covered phone. Enter Sidechef, a new app that lets you move through easy to follow video recipes using voice commands. Watch the hilarious trailer!

3. Valiant Hearts ($5)

Valiant Hearts is a new game from Ubisoft available on PC and Consoles as well as iOS. Based on letters from the front, it tells touching stories from the great war. It’s a narrative driven puzzle game that looks amazing on iOS.

4. Camoji (Free)

Want to make your own gifs using your cell phone camera and then message them to your friends? Well now you can. Camoji lets you make your own emojis or any other kind of gif and add captions before sending them to your friends.

5. Zuknow (Free)

Zuknow is an interesting social flashcard app that puts you in friendly competition with your friends. Have you been thinking about polishing up on your high school Spanish or prepare for a holiday in France. Zuknow is a free alternative that let’s you download prepared flashcards. Destroy your friends in a mano a mano linguistic battle.

Bonus- Swing Copters (Free)

Finally don’t forget Swing Copters which came out last month. From the creator of the social phenomenon Flappy Bird comes another frustratingly difficult game that hopes to enter the zeitgeist.