Yes, the Self-Destructing Book is Real

The book-publishing industry has been on its toes most of the last decade, trying to compete with more readily-available technologies avid readers might turn to. We’ve gotten the Kindle, Nook, Fire and Sony PRS, which help keep reading popular with the device-obsessed.

But nothing really compares to James Patterson’s “self-destructing book.” Taking its idea from Snapchat and similar sites, Patterson and Mother came up with a genius marketing stunt. His latest book, Private Vegas will be available to select readers for 24 hours. A digital countdown will add to the suspense and when the clock hits 0, the electronic book will disappear for good.

Or apparently at least until the hardcover copy comes out a few days later. For now, those of us unlucky enough to get a copy can monitor the cryptic website until more information is available.

Over and out.

Is Advertising on Snapchat Worth the Cash?

An article on Adweek reported that advertising for one day on Snapchat costs $750,000, which tops even the price of advertising on YouTube’s masthead by $250,000/day. Considering YouTube brings in more than 1 billion users each month, compared to Snapchat’s 30 million users, many ask the question if it’s worth it. What are your thoughts?