gooidev names Thobith Abraham as Executive V.P.

“Passionate” entrepreneur to support SME businesses, students in India with I Connect platform

CHENNAI, India (May 4, 2016)  gooidev has named Thobith Abraham executive vice president – business development for its I Connect incubation and business platform in India.

“Thobith is a young, energetic and accomplished young man with a passion for helping and starting fertile small and midsized enterprises (SME) and student communities,” says gooidev chairman and CEO Paul N. Greenwood.

“I am excited to join the gooi family and continue to do what I do best,” says Abraham. “I Connect as a platform comes with a novel blend of nurturing business on its own ground with its own folks for the world. It is going to serve the SMEs and Student Community alike. I will be leading the development of International business for I Connect in various parts of Asia and alongside will work with the younger generation to connect it to entrepreneurial opportunities via I Connect.”

A software engineer and team leader, Abraham has founded two tech startups and worked with several others in India and overseas, concentrating on helping organizations scale up their global presences, He began leading and organizing social and business events when he was 13.

“He has an unquenchable enthusiasm and passion for people, product and technology,” says Greenwood.

“I realized the extent of equilibrium that needs to be maintained between society and business to make commerce successful,” says Abraham, who holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science from the University of Madras. He specializes in software/product development, international strategic alliances, sales and marketing and networking. He is also a motivational speaker and community-building enthusiast.

“We are living in an exciting economic period,” Abraham says. “Historically, we have been through various economic shifts and gained enough experience to deliver to the next generation. Until a few decades back, those experiences and innovations were carried forward by a few daring souls called entrepreneurs. Now, with the engagement of deeply experienced businessmen, who have realized the significance of the younger generation getting started, we are able to see the silicon valley brimming with young and innovative entrepreneurial minds.

“As Paul nicely put it, ‘Why shouldn’t there be a silicon valley every few miles around the globe?’ I see that even a speck of such thought means a uniform growth and opportunity for all of us. So, as a person who started as a leader at an early age, I have very strong experience and belief that getting started with a business means expanding the extent of our mind, which leaves us with a sense of consummated living. I see a great fit with Paul’s vision and his vibrant team.”

About gooidev
gooidev is a global team of digital specialists who provide support for app and web development on both Android and iOS platforms. Its team’s members apply global resources and expertise to seamlessly manage development and expedite results for small and midsized businesses that want to outsource this segment of their operations. Headquartered in Chennai, India, and Des Moines, Iowa, USA, gooidev uses an Agile working process. For more information, visit http://

gooidev Executive Conducts Business Analyst Workshop in Oman

Ibri College invites Jay Namboor to lead session for business technology students

IBRI, Sultanate of Oman (Dec. 3, 2015) Ibri College of Technology invited Jay Namboor, chief product officer of USA-based gooidev, to conduct a business analysis workshop and training session for its business technology students, said Junath Naseer Ahamed, coordinator of the Industry Link Committee in the College’s Department of Information Technology.

Junath said the program, “Business Analyst Resource Development,” focused on what a business analyst is and how to become one.

Namboor said business analysts gather, document and communicate a business’ requirements in clear, detailed user stories. gooidev’s IT business analysts work with its application development teams and business units to ensure IT solutions are developed and implemented to satisfy those requirements for clients.

Namboor noted “the college is excellent, the students are very interested, and the session was a learning experience for me as well.

“Junath and his colleagues — Prabu Arockiyaraj Ratnasabapathi, the head of the IT section, and Ibrahim Nasser Al Siyabi, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs – enthusiastically encouraged us to share our opportunities with their students.”

Namboor is on extended assignment in the region in response to a significant uptick in gooidev’s business opportunities in the Middle East and North Africa. He is providing client support as well as recruiting and training local talent for the app and web development company’s international team of specialists. “Ibri’s students fit with our requirements for new hires and interns in MENA,” he said.

Namboor built his foundation as a business analyst solving complex technology issues for Fortune 500 companies in manufacturing, financial services and digital media. He is based in gooidev’s headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa, USA.

Ibri ( is one of seven colleges of technology operated under Oman’s Ministry of Manpower and directed by the Directorate General of Technological Education. It has departments of engineering, business and information technology and specialties in mechanics, electronics, human resources, marketing, finance, database, networking, internet and e-security and software engineering.

About gooidev

gooidev is a global team of digital specialists who provide support for app and web development on both Android and iOS platforms. Its team’s members apply global resources and expertise to seamlessly manage development and expedite results for small and midsized businesses that want to outsource this segment of their operations. Headquartered in Des Moines, Iowa, USA, and Chennai, India, gooidev uses an Agile working process. For more information, visit


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mygooi™ is an energetic brand platform that is digital, creative, disruptive and global. Its portfolio of emerging products sizzle with IC/DC (Innovation and Creativity/Disruption and Community). mygooi’s utility and purpose are to bring people together with innovative digital products. Based in Des Moines, Iowa, and Chennai, India, mygooi has as its mission to Go Where The Life Is.™ See mygooi updates and watch gooination grow on Facebook at

Prabu Arockiyaraj Ratnasabapathi (left), the head of IT Section, and Dr. Abdullah al Maskari, Dean, of the Ibri College of Technology  (center) present gooidev’s Jay Namboor with a certificate of appreciation for his workshop on business analysts.


Ice Ice Baby

As winter in the U.S. is hopefully coming to an end, gooi agents look forward to the dry ground and warmer temps. But the beauty in this video has us rethinking how we view all that ice outside.

The Gadget To Watch: Nixie

In 2014, Selfie Sticks and extendable camera poles accomplished what our arms could not, and we were left with hundreds of amazing touristy group shots.

As they became more popular around the world, this selfie-solution started causing problems.

A quick recap

1) Selfie sticks aren’t very candid. Remember, to take a good photo with this thing, you must balance it in the air long and steady enough for the camera’s timer feature to run out.

2) They are awkward to carry. When you’re traveling, adding one extra thing to your day-bag or fanny pack can be hugely burdensome.

3) They look ridiculous. No explanation needed really.

4) You could be breaking the law.

5) They allow you to miss opportunities. Isn’t half the fun in traveling due to the interesting people you meet? Before Selfie Sticks, if you wanted a group photo taken you’d have to flag someone down and ask them to take it. It’s a little awkward, but surely they’ve been in that boat before too.

If you haven’t picked up on it by now, we’re not really a fan.

That’s why our gadget-to-watch from CES 2015 is Nixie: the first wearable camera that can fly.

Think of the possibilities here.

Not only is it perfect for (less awkwardly) capturing “Ussies,” but there are dozens of other times this flying camera could come in handy.

Why you need this

1) For tourism: imagine the flawless group photo you’ll end up with in front of the Taj Mahal without having to pay a tour guide to take it

2) For better selfies: capture video of your bull riding with ease before the moment is over.

3) For adventures: because when you reach the top of the mountain you just climbed by yourself, a flying watch that takes your picture is exactly what you’ll desire.

4) For contests: say goodbye to tripods or begging friends to film you. This little guy will capture your audition video better than you ever dreamed.

5) For the cool factor: being the first to show up at a party with a flying watch definitely won’t hurt your reputation.

The opportunities for this kind of wearable/flyable tech are endless and we can’t wait until we can test it ourselves. You can sign up on their website for updates and pre-order information.

Your 2015 Wish List Begins Here:

According to Mashable, “personal transporters appear to be having a resurgence if this year’s show is any indication, and computer monitors are suddenly sexy again thanks to some nice curves and 4K resolution.”

If you’re not following the global consumer electronics and consumer technology tradeshow, #CES2015, you’ll want to take a look at the innovative products on the global stage.

Facebook has done it again

Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock the past few years, we’re sure you’ve heard the stories of childhood friends being reunited or even long-lost pets/personal items being returned to rightful owners with help from sympathetic social network users.

But this one really takes the cake.

In a time period where screenshots of actresses in YouTube clips are often accompanied by NSFW tags, it’s refreshing to see one with such a happy ending.

Live Coverage of Comet Landing!

Anyone who is even slightly interested in space exploration and all that gooi coolness will be excited by the comet landing event tomorrow! Check out the live feed at


Ten years ago the European Space Agency launched Rosetta, a space probe sent to explore comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. Rosetta reached the comet back in August this year and has been escorting the comet in orbit ever since. Tomorrow, Rosetta will release a comet lander to touch down on the icy rock.

*Image courtesy of the European Space Agency.

Top 5 Websites You Probably Don’t Know Exist

The internet is full of amazing, weird, and useful websites.

Unfortunately, it can take some time to find the good ones. As creatures of habit, we often stick to the sites we know. Tried & true social media sites, like Facebook & Twitter consume a lot of our time on the internet, along with searching for a trendy new restaurant on Google. So here are 5 websites that you might have missed.


I am absolutely guilty of starting a blog and spending the majority of my time changing the aesthetic features of it – which font I was going to use, the perfect header photo, which red was right – instead of spending time on the import aspect: writing! What Medium calls “a deliberately simple platform”, they have excluded any options of customization. “We get out of the way and let you focus on words.”


Sometimes it’s nice to ignore humans & focus more on dogs. Dogs aren’t judgemental. They don’t have drama. They are just happy & adorable. So why wouldn’t you want an entire social media site devoted solely to man’s best friend? That’s exactly what Pack CEO, Megan Casey, thought. So post photos of your dog, connect with other dogs & dog lovers, and make your internet surfing a whole lot more adorable. “Because dogs are family.”


I cannot explain ThinkGeek any better than they already explained it on their website: “ThinkGeek is obsessed with creating and sharing unique and authentic product experiences that stimulate our fans’ imaginations and fuel their geek core.” You can find everything from Star Trek Communicator Dog Bag Dispenser to “Office Warfare” Marshmallow Shooter.

A Good Movie to Watch

Picture this: You’re sitting on your couch. You flip through the channels: Nothing. Turn on Netflix: No idea. Text your friends: “What movie should I watch?” They are no help. The struggle is real – and here is your solution. A Good Movie to Watch will give you recommendations for what movie you should watch next. And now you can turn your brain off.


This website has hilarious and informative [well, sometimes informative] collection of comics. It can basically brighten even the worst day.

100 Happy Days

While this site is fairly small & basic, the impact it claims it could have on your personal life could be huge. The idea behind 100 Happy Days is a basic challenge: take a photo every day of something that makes you happy. Sounds simple enough, right? Well according to them, 71% of people who have started the challenge failed to complete it. If you do complete the challenge, they can send you a small book of all of your happy moments.

Multiple Google Accounts on Android

A while back I wrote a post covering how I keep track of multiple gmail accounts in the browser. I promised that I would cover accessing multiple Gmail accounts from your Android phone. This post will show you how to integrate multiple gmail accounts into the core of your Android system in 11 easy steps.

  1. 1Go to your home screen and press the menu button, then select “System settings”
  2. 2Select the “General” tab on the top right and then select “Accounts & Sync” in the list of options. You may have to scroll down to reach counts & Sync.”
  3. 3Select Add account at the bottom on the next screen.
  4. 4On the next screen you see a list of different account options available on your phone. In this case we want to add another google account, so select google.
  5. 5This screen gives you the option of making a new google account or adding an existing one. I want to add an existing account.
  6. 6Fill in your account details and press the right arrow.
  7. 7This next screen wants you to add google+ and a bunch of other stuff which I normally skip because I have them on my central account already.
  8. 8This screen is a waste of time, press the right arrow immediately.
  9. 9The next screen asks you for payment information which most uf probably already have on our central accounts. Press skip.
  10. 10On this screen you decide which google services you want to sync to your phone using the account you’re adding. Deselect unnecessary things like play books and so on which you probably only want to sync to your central account.
  11. 11


    You’re now done adding your account. To switch accounts when in any of google’s apps simply click the top left corner in any of the google services apps like gmail or drive. A list of the accounts you’ve added will show up and you simply select the one you want to use for the session.

Happy googling.