Mobile is Where It’s At, Even Google Says So

According to the Australian company Search Factory, “How do I Google something” is googled over 4,000 times per month on average. Clearly there’s a little bit of a mix-up happening somewhere, but Google says its coming mostly from mobile users.

The company says that “more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in 10 countries including the US and Japan.”

With this shift towards mobile over desktop usage, it’s no wonder there are so many mobile applications these days. The Apple Store recorded over 1.2 million apps in July 2014 while the Android Store reported 1.3 million.

Ever wondered why your Google suggestions are so weird? Buzzfeed has the answer. For a good laugh, also check out “The 22 Most Satisfying Google Searches” on the site now.



Traveling? Here’s How To Avoid the Lines

The pre-flight ritual of standing in long security lines, removing your lap-top and taking off your shoes is getting a little bit easier.

Your Paleo Diet 411

What’s the dealio with Paleo? We may be cross-promoting, but we think you should follow @gooihealth for all things…well…health related.

How MaxMyTV is set to change the way you watch TV

maxmytvheadTV is becoming an increasingly social two-screen experience. Who hasn’t watched a game while following the debate on Twitter or joined in a live-tweeting Sharknado event?

MaxMyTV is a new Kickstarter for a hub that brings social media integration directly to your TV. The hub is not just limited to social media but also brings sophisticated home automation and Android apps to your couch!

What makes MaxMyTV different from other multimedia/social media hubs like the Apple TV, Xbox One and Chromecast is the home automation features it has. When working together with MaxMyTV sensors the hub can:

  • create an automated home security system that will detect movement and send the pictures to you wherever you are
  • alert you to someone at the front-door with a live camera feed
  • monitor your power usage in the house
  • let you know where your pet is and when it’s making a run for the garden
  • secure your house when you’re out and detect when windows and doors are open


Like most stuff on Kickstarter this comes with an app so that you can monitor and control your smart home using your smartphone as well as your TV.

As it’s running on Android you have access to a huge library of apps and MaxMyTV promises to overlay detailed stats over the game so that you can keep up with action as it happens as well as getting your moneyball stat nerdery on.


There is no doubt that MaxMyTV has a lot to live up to, but they seem to be well on their way. Check out the demo videos on the Kickstarter page to see the hub in action.

If you’ve ever dreamt of owning a robot butler that will do your bidding with a suitable degree of robo-british snark then this may just be the next best thing. I’m assuming the Michael Caine voice module will be made available with version 2.0.

America’s first cupcake truck


Food trucks are enjoying a renaissance in the US thanks to Twitter. And it all started in my former digs, New Haven, Connecticut.
Even better, it started with cupcakes!

In late 2008, “America’s first cupcake truck” started roaming the streets of downtown New Haven, home to the ivy league Yale University. Truthfully, it doesn’t roam, but instead parks in a different location each day.
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