The Gadget To Watch: Nixie

In 2014, Selfie Sticks and extendable camera poles accomplished what our arms could not, and we were left with hundreds of amazing touristy group shots.

As they became more popular around the world, this selfie-solution started causing problems.

A quick recap

1) Selfie sticks aren’t very candid. Remember, to take a good photo with this thing, you must balance it in the air long and steady enough for the camera’s timer feature to run out.

2) They are awkward to carry. When you’re traveling, adding one extra thing to your day-bag or fanny pack can be hugely burdensome.

3) They look ridiculous. No explanation needed really.

4) You could be breaking the law.

5) They allow you to miss opportunities. Isn’t half the fun in traveling due to the interesting people you meet? Before Selfie Sticks, if you wanted a group photo taken you’d have to flag someone down and ask them to take it. It’s a little awkward, but surely they’ve been in that boat before too.

If you haven’t picked up on it by now, we’re not really a fan.

That’s why our gadget-to-watch from CES 2015 is Nixie: the first wearable camera that can fly.

Think of the possibilities here.

Not only is it perfect for (less awkwardly) capturing “Ussies,” but there are dozens of other times this flying camera could come in handy.

Why you need this

1) For tourism: imagine the flawless group photo you’ll end up with in front of the Taj Mahal without having to pay a tour guide to take it

2) For better selfies: capture video of your bull riding with ease before the moment is over.

3) For adventures: because when you reach the top of the mountain you just climbed by yourself, a flying watch that takes your picture is exactly what you’ll desire.

4) For contests: say goodbye to tripods or begging friends to film you. This little guy will capture your audition video better than you ever dreamed.

5) For the cool factor: being the first to show up at a party with a flying watch definitely won’t hurt your reputation.

The opportunities for this kind of wearable/flyable tech are endless and we can’t wait until we can test it ourselves. You can sign up on their website for updates and pre-order information.

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