Why Flo Feels Like Family

You may not remember the brand, but you surely remember the faces.

That’s right, we’re talking about the top 6 commercial personalities you know and love!

Actress: Flo
Brand: Progressive
Why you remember her: We’re not sure if it’s her outdated hairstyle or awkward laugh that caught our attention. While not exactly relatable, Flo’s character is quirky and pleasant enough to cut through the depressing mess of choosing an insurance policy.

Actor: “Mayhem” (played by Dean Winters)
Brand: Allstate
Why you remember him: You surely appreciate the way he brings humor to the most catastrophic situations. Though his deep voice and piercing stare don’t hurt his memorability either.

Actress: The Pine-Sol Lady (played by Diane Amos)
Brand: Pine-Sol
Why you remember her: The best thing about her is that she was believable. Her sass was contagious and her voice cut through like she was right in your living room.

Actor: The “Smell Like A Man, Man” (played by Isaiah Mustafa)
Brand: Old Spice
Why you remember him: This commercial personality evokes a slightly different response depending on your preferences. Some want to be him, others want to smell him up close and personal (hello – no shirt!) But I think we can all agree that each commercial is visually appealing in every way.

Actor: The Gecko
Brand: GEICO Insurance
Why you remember him… or it: This little creature started a revolution when he broke through the snooze fest of insurance marketing. He’s cute, smart, a little bit sassy, and the accents he does are just adorable!

And the one to watch is…
Actress: Lily Adams (played by Milana Vayntrub)
Brand: AT&T
Why you will remember her: She’s like your best friend; the one who always has some crazy story to tell you about the customers she interacts with at work. Lily improvs most of the conversations that take place in each commercial, and you half expect her to be there the next time you walk into AT&T!

Are there others that should’ve been added to this list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments.

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