Yes, the Self-Destructing Book is Real

The book-publishing industry has been on its toes most of the last decade, trying to compete with more readily-available technologies avid readers might turn to. We’ve gotten the Kindle, Nook, Fire and Sony PRS, which help keep reading popular with the device-obsessed.

But nothing really compares to James Patterson’s “self-destructing book.” Taking its idea from Snapchat and similar sites, Patterson and Mother came up with a genius marketing stunt. His latest book, Private Vegas will be available to select readers for 24 hours. A digital countdown will add to the suspense and when the clock hits 0, the electronic book will disappear for good.

Or apparently at least until the hardcover copy comes out a few days later. For now, those of us unlucky enough to get a copy can monitor the cryptic website until more information is available.

Over and out.

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