You Don’t Know Who I Am.. But I Am gooi

esq-liam-neeson-knife-0311-lgLet’s face it – Liam Neeson is gooi. There’s no argument here, just stating the facts. But, don’t just take my word for it, let’s review the reasons.

Before the fame

Before becoming a star in Hollywood, Neeson had been an amateur boxer, a brewery worker and forklift operator at a Guinness factory in Northern Ireland. Neeson got his first lead role in a play at age 11 – a role that he only agreed to take because he fancied the girl who was the costar.

Acting Career

Star Wars

Liam plays Qui-Gon Jinn. A Jedi Master, he was also the mentor of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Not to mention a bit of a rebel with his philosophy of “feel, don’t think — use your instincts”, contrary to the beliefs of the Jedi Council. The force is strong with him.

Batman Trilogy

In Batman Begins & The Dark Knight Rises, Neeson portrays the evil super-villian, Ra’s al Ghul, which, fun fact, is Arabic for “Head of the Demon”. As a master of martial arts & swordsmanship, a ninja, & a snazzy dresser, he leads the League of Shadows – an organization bent on destroying all of Gotham.  He also TRAINED the Dark Knight himself, Batman.  This was after he orchestrated killing his parents – people who wanted to better the City. [dun dun DUN!]


In what is certainly his most quoted movie (for good reason), Neeson plays Bryan Mills, a retired CIA agent who has to save his kidnapped daughter from being sold into human trafficking. Interestingly enough, while the movie was a huge success, many people do not remember Neeson’s character’s name. Maybe his big speech should have been to the audience instead. “You don’t know who I am..”

The Lego Movie

While The Lego Movie is a kid’s flick, there is plenty of adult humor to make enjoyable for every age group. Neeson voices Bad cop, a Lego with a serious case of multiple personality disorder, one side is GoodCopBadCop_filmstill2good & the other bad, a play on the “good cop/ bad cop routine”. Neeson, being the amazing artist that he is, voiced these two characters simultaneously.  Check out the video here. He also voiced Pa Cop, father of Bad Cop.

Love Actually

In what could technically be classified as a rom-com [though I wouldn’t because it’s too good of a movie], Neeson’s character is a recent widower named Daniel, struggling to raise his stepson, Sam, on his own. He supports Sam who has decided that he will learn an instrument, join the band, & play in the concert at the of his school term – all to get noticed by the girl he loves.

Which is, as we know, exactly what real life young Liam Neeson did.

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